Eternal Breath

*It all started in 1996 when Marino & Andy  started the band.

*At the end of 1996 Eternal Breath recorded their first demo called: Empire of Eternity

 *A few months later Eternal Breath split up

*After 3 long years of silence, Eternal Breath was reborn.

*Eternal Breath started writing new songs, and early 2002 they decided to record a Cdemo in studio Second Test Recording Desselgem

They called this cdemo ‘Symphony of Agony’.

*Oct 2006. the third CDemo is recorded. Again at second test recording Desselgem. Welcome to Hell is the name.

In the 15 years, the band exist, there were many changes in the line-up.

So has Andy started the band on guitars, and now he is the vocalist of the band.

But after all… Andy and Marino never decide to give up again.

Eternal Breath is still breathing